Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paul Krugman: Phosphorous and freedom

By Paul Krugman In the latest Times Magazine, Robert Draper profiled youngish libertarians — roughly speaking, people who combine free-market economics with permissive social views — and asked whether we might be heading for a “libertarian moment.” Well, probably not. Polling suggests that young Americans tend, if anything, to be more supportive of the case […]

Cheers and Jeers: Just a Davis fish story

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: JEERS to the near-hysteria of some in our community when word began to spread about dozens of fish dying in Mrak Pond at UC Davis. The immediate reaction? “The fish are dying because of the the West Nile […]

When are we clearing the table?

Over 50 years ago when I was a youngster, a very wise man who was full of teaching stories asked me, “When is a meal over?” The answer he was looking for was: “When the dishes are done and put away.” Now being older and wiser myself, I would like to ask the Davis community, […]

It’s all about justice

Again today I read about DNA evidence exonerating a man convicted of a serious crime, only after years of efforts by the “innocence project” or efforts by the prisoner. Surely it behooves us, no matter what the expense, to examine every case where there is DNA evidence that could exonerate convicted prisoners, without making them […]

A taste of the sweet life

On Friday, Aug. 8, Tuleyome Home Place Adventures took two youth groups from Yolo County to Henry’s Bullfrog Bees & PURE Honey farm. Henry’s Bullfrog Bees is a family-owned and -operated farm in Winters. Head beekeeper Henry Harlan is a dedicated, fifth-generation farmer from Woodland. As we learned during the tour, one-third of all our […]

Cheers and Jeers: Dead, dying dogs pull at our heartstrings

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: JEERS to the grim discovery of three dead, decomposing dogs and 11 starving and dehydrated canines found last week in the kennels at Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue in rural West Davis. The property owner, Elaine Greenberg, is under investigation and […]

Stamp Club is canceling out

The Davis Stamp Club is closing after a fun-filled 42 years. We’ve had a good run! The Davis Stamp Club was started in 1972. Now the people who started it are among a small handful of survivors 42 years later and we’ve decided that it’s time to close. Edward and Gladys Cosens proposed the formation of a […]

Fair entertainment is great

Starting last year, the Yolo County Fair in Woodland has upped the standard of musical entertainment tremendously. The new booking agent has a far bigger budget than previously, and the line-up at both stages is really excellent, featuring name acts like Lydia Pense with Cold Blood and The Nickel Slots (who have a huge following […]

Hamas balks at cease-fires

In her recent letter, Judy Reynolds requested supporters of Israel to “ask the Israeli government to cease their conduct.” I respect and share Reynolds’ concern over civilian casualties. But she should be asking Hamas, not Israel, to change its ways. Hamas has repeatedly rejected cease-fires or violated those to which it has agreed. * July […]

Tom Elias: The political guard is changing

For a state that has long been a symbol of youth, there’s been a lot of age among California’s pre-eminent politicians of the past decade. But that began to change in 2012, and the shift accelerated this summer as many of the old guard chose not to brave the “top two” primary system that threatened […]

Free bike valet service offered

The Yolo County Fair will offer a free bicycle valet service courtesy of the Woodland Bicycle Campaign. The service is sponsored by Yolo-Solano Go Clean, a program of the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District. Bike valet service will be offered from noon to 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 14, through Sunday, Aug. 17. Service will be […]

Yolo County Fair schedule 2014

YOLO COUNTY FAIR PROGRAM “Fair Nights And Carnival Lights” A Smoke-Free Event ALL EVENTS FOR THE FOLLOWING 5-DAY YOLO COUNTY FAIR ARE FREE EXCEPT WHERE PRICES ARE QUOTED OR MENTIONED SUNDAY, AUGUST 10 A.M. 8:00 Junior Horse Show & Jr. Horse Show Queen Arena Sponsored by Duane Chamberlain, Chamberlain Farms & Windmill Feed WEDNESDAY, AUGUST […]